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CIMC Dry Bulk Cement Bulker Powder Tanker Trailer for Sale


Table of Contents

1. What is CIMC cement bulker tanker trailer?

2. CIMC Cement bulker transporters dimension, drawing and specifications

3. Composition structure of CIMC powder tanker trailer

4. How does dry bulk trailer load powder materials?

5. How does bulk cement tanker trailer unload powder materials?

6. Precautions for using CIMC dry bulk tanker trailer

7. How to choose specs/capacity?


1. What is CIMC cement bulker tanker trailer?

Bulk Cement Trailer is also called cement bulker, silobas or silo trailer. It is mainly used for the bulk packing of powder dry materials such as fly ash, cement, lime powder, ore powder, granular alkali, aluminum powder, etc. transport. We often see bulk cement tank semi trailer for the transportation of powdered materials at cement plants, cement warehouses and large construction sites. 

The bulk cement tanker trailer is mainly used to transport 30 tons, 40 tons, 45 tons and 80 tons of cement. The main volumes of silo semi trailer are 25 cubic meters, 30 cubic meters, 35 cubic meters, 38 cubic meters, 40 cubic meters, 50 cubic meters, 60 cubic meters, and 80 cubic meters.

Powder tank trailers are V-types silobas and W-shaped dry bulk tanker, and the materials are carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy.

CIMC Cement Bulker | Cement Tanker Trailer

CIMC cement bulker trailer for sale

CIMC Cement Bulker | Cement Tanker Trailer

CIMC 3 axle bulk cement tanker trailer

CIMC Cement Bulker | Cement Tanker Trailer CIMC Cement Bulker | Cement Tanker Trailer

CIMC W shape powder tanker trailer

1.1 Working principle

Use the equipped engine or borrow the host to drive the dry bulk trailer air compressor through the power take-off drive shaft or pulley, and send the compressed air into the air chamber of the sealed tank through the pipeline. When the pressure in the storage tank reaches the rated working pressure, open the discharge butterfly valve, and the powdery material will be discharged through the discharge system.

1.2 Design Features:

Only by the world's most advanced manufacturing process, the design is novel, durable. The air bag type has a large carrying capacity, fast discharge speed and small residual quantity. The integrated tank body has the characteristics of high overall strength, good rigidity, good pressure resistance.

The fluidized bed in the tank is scientifically designed and reasonably arranged, which can effectively shorten the discharge time to 1.4T / min, which improves the volume utilization rate of the tank and reduces the residual ash rate, which is 0.2%. The tank body of the silobas trailer adopts a double-cone inclination horizontal structure, double-tube intake and double-barrel feeding, and its discharge speed and remaining rate meet the requirements of industry standards.


2. CIMC Cement bulker transporters dimension, drawing and specifications

Model: 3 axles V types cement powder tankers for sale

Dimension: 9000*2500 *4000

Tanker body material: high strength wear-resistance steel

Payload : 30-80cbm(Optional)

Axles:3 axles

Tire:12 units

Diesel Engine: WEICHAI Brand

Compressor: BOHAI

Suspension: Heavy duty mechanical suspension

Landing gear: JOST

Brake system: WABCO

CIMC Cement Bulker | Cement Tanker Trailer CIMC Cement Bulker | Cement Tanker Trailer

CIMC 3 axle cement tanker trailer drawing 


CIMC Cement Bulker | Cement Tanker Trailer

CIMC W type powder tanker trailer


3. Composition structure of CIMC powder tanker trailer

The main assembly of the powder tank truck is composed of a tank body, a power system (diesel engine, air compressor), a gas circuit system, and a brake system.

At present, the design of the fluidized bed in the tanks of general large manufacturers is scientific and the layout is reasonable, which can effectively shorten the discharge time and reach 1.4T / min.

The volume utilization rate of the tank is improved, and the residual ash rate is reduced, and the residual ash rate is 0.2%.

Tank body:

The powder tanker body is mainly composed of two oblique cones and front and rear heads. It is placed on the frame and serves as a carrier. The tank body is equipped with a feed inlet, a non-slip walking platform and a ladder for loading and maintenance personnel to enter the tank. The tank has slides, air chambers, discharge ports, etc., and the tank structure is V-shaped cement bulker, W-shaped silo semi trailer or straight shape cement tanker.

The V shape powder tanker trailer is a single silo tank, generally suitable for designing cubic numbers of 15-45m³. The W shape is a double-storage tank, generally suitable for designing cubic numbers of 50-75m³.

Power system:

Single-cylinder or double cylinder air compressor is used to provide compressed air for discharge work, the pneumatic sand trailer rated working pressure is 0.2Mpa; the displacement is 10-14 cubic meters/min.

Diesel engine and motor wave can be used to connect and drive through the secondary force device The shaft provides power input for the air compressor.

CIMC cement bulker trailer uses world-famous brand diesel-engine Weichai 4102 to help the air compressor work better, the discharging speed can reach to 1.6ton per minute, the cement allowance is no more than 50kg.

CIMC Cement Bulker | Cement Tanker Trailer

CIMC 35cbm dry bulk trailer

Piping system:

Intake pipe: After the gas is output by the air compressor, it enters each cabin through the check valve and the ball valve. A safety valve is installed before and after the check valve to prevent the pipeline pressure from being too high to damage the air compressor in case of an accident. The safety valve is set to bleed pressure to 0.2Mpa.

A pressure relief valve is installed on the top of the dry bulk tanker tank body to release the residual pressure in the tank, and is used for deflation before the user opens the material cover and stops discharging in the middle.

Unloading pipeline:

The discharge pipeline is mainly composed of suction port, butterfly valve, discharge steel pipe, discharge pipe joint, discharge hose, etc.

An anti-shock pressure gauge is installed on the tank body to monitor the pressure change in the tank and to guide the discharge.


4. How does dry bulk trailer load powder materials?

1. Before opening the feeding cover, you must open the pressure relief valve and the inlet pipe ball valve to remove the remaining air in the tank before opening the tank cover to avoid injury.

2. You should always pay attention to whether the pressure gauge is working properly, to prevent the pressure gauge from malfunctioning and overpressure, and the tank bursting.

3. Always check the safety valve to ensure that the pressure is released at 0.2Mpa, and the pressure inside the tank must not exceed 0.2Mpa.

4. Often check whether the operation table is working properly, so as not to overrun and damage the air compressor.

5. Always listen to the sound of power take-off and air compressor rotation. If there are abnormal sounds, stop troubleshooting immediately.

CIMC Cement Bulker | Cement Tanker Trailer

CIMC pneumatic dry bulk trailer 

5. How does bulk cement tanker trailer unload powder materials?

1. Before unloading, check whether the unloading disc valve, external air source interface, exhaust valve and two feeding ports are closed and tightened. If they are not tightened, tighten them first to prevent air leakage;

2. Start the engine and shift the transmission to neutral while pressing the clutch pedal to completely separate the transmission from the engine;

3. Turn on the power take-off solenoid valve switch, and slowly release the clutch pedal to rotate the air compressor.

4. Adjust the control handle of the control mechanism to adjust the speed of the air compressor to about 900r / min and stabilize it;

5. When the pressure reaches 0.18MPa, first open the auxiliary blow pipe, then open the front and rear bin discharge disc valves to start discharging, after which the pointer of the air compressor will stabilize to a certain value;

6. When the air pressure drops to 0.04Mpa, the back bin has been unloaded. Close the blower tube, open and close the back bin valve several times, and then close the back bin valve and the back bin intake valve. After which the pressure will rise and stabilize to a certain value;

7. When the pressure of the barometer reaches 0MPa, the discharge is completed, the air compressor is closed, and the discharge disc valve is closed.

CIMC Cement Bulker | Cement Tanker Trailer

CIMC wheat flour tanker manufacturers

6. Precautions for using CIMC dry bulk tanker trailer

After the first load or two weeks after the first drive, the tightening of all bolts and nuts connected to the tire bolts, suspension system, and main and auxiliary frames must be checked to ensure that the specified torque is reached.

1. It is forbidden to use the air compressor at a low or high speed during normal unloading. The air compressor speed is controlled at 900 ~ 950 rpm (or the rated speed according to the air compressor instruction manual).

2. The rated working pressure is 0.2MPa, and the user's maximum working pressure is not allowed to exceed 0.22MPa; if an external air source is used, the maximum pressure range is 0.2 ~ 0.25MPa, if it is greater than 0.25MPa, a pressure reducing valve needs to be installed on the external air source pipeline.

3. It is forbidden for the air compressor to work overtime.

Generally, the rated working time of the single cylinder air compressor is 1 hour, and the rated working time of the double cylinder air compressor is 2 hours. If the discharge cannot be completed within this rated working time, please temporarily stop and cool for 20 minutes before starting the air compressor.

4. If the working pressure, conveying distance and conveying materials is beyond the above range, it should be clearly stated before signing the contract and indicated in the contract. CIMC will give targeted suggestions and product design.

CIMC Cement Bulker | Cement Tanker Trailer

CIMC 30cbm cement bulker for sale

7. How to choose specs/capacity?

Know the capacity you want to transport. 

This would probably come first in your considerations. How much of cement do you want to transport and for what distance.

If you have a lot of stock to transport, it is important you get a tanker with a high volume capacity and strong enough to manage that weight.

It is important to establish whether the volume provided is fully supported by the construction approach. The durability of the tanker is also something you need to look at.

Material of Construction: You can choose between stainless steel and aluminum alloy constructions. With stainless steel construction, your cement tanker will not be easily attacked by rust hence can guarantee long-life.

Tanker Thickness: The thickness of the tank is an important aspect to check. It is normally chosen according to the tank’s capacity.

Bulk Cement Trailer Options to Buy

In your search for a bulk cement tanker, you will come across 3 structures to choose from. There is a reason why these three exists and therefore, it is important to understand that so that you can make the best choice for your application.

Of these three are the funnel, lifting and horizontal structures. Each of these tankers is designed for a particular type of cargo and weight. 

CIMC Cement Bulker | Cement Tanker Trailer

CIMC 40 ton cement bulker 

Tank production and welding quality

One thing you must understand about pneumatic powder tankers that are commonly used for bulk cement transportation is that they are high-pressure containers.

Therefore, you must ensure that the water tank is strong and strong enough to improve the quality and safety of the operation.

This is a huge investment, so you need to make sure that your money is not in trouble. You don't want to repair it frequently.

Design of tank trailer

With the design of a cement tank trailer, there are two important parameters to look out for: volume effective rate and the residual ration. Here is detailed information about the meaning of each of these two aspects:

Volume Effective Rate: The Volume effective rate of your bulk cement tanker should be high enough to cater for your needs. Ideally, this refers to the maximum volume of your cargo that the tanker can carry.

Definitely, the cement tank cannot be filled to capacity but it should be able to carry a good volume of cement that matches its capacity.




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There are the CIMC cement bulker trailers I bought 30 days ago. This is the 3th time I have received the cement bulkers, and as satisfied as before. For me, a large loading capacity is a very important thing, which can save a lot of costs. I hope this purchase This batch of cement trailers can bring me good luck.