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CIMC Semi Truck Trailer

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Chapter1 About Us

Chapter2 What is a skeletal semi trailer used for?

2.1 Points to note when buying a skeleton trailer

2.2 Different Models of CIMC Trailer

Chapter3 Can you put a 20ft container on a trailer?

3.1 CIMC Flatbed Semi Trailer Package and Shipping

3.2 Here are a Few More Important Points

Chapter4 What is the capacity of a tipper truck?

4.1 What are the common types of dump trailers?

4.2 What is the difference between a end dump semi trailer and a rear tipping full trailer?


Chapter1 About Us

Tantri Group, which is one of the most important partner of CIMC TRAILERS, with branches in twelve countries in Africa.

Tantri Group relentlessly committed to making the best high-quality products, providing our customers the best products at the best price, and promising a 30-day delivery period and better customer service. Our rigorous industry standards as well as Tantri certification assure our customers of the most valuable service of our business.


Chapter2 What is a skeletal semi trailer used for?

Skeletal trailers, also called semiskel trailers, are lightweight semitrailers usually designed for transporting containers. They can be specified in a large number of size configurations, such as: 20-foot container. 30-foot container.

2.1 Points to note when buying a skeleton trailer

1. Frame of container transport trailer

The Frame is the main load bearing part, which is composed of a beam, a side beam, a beam, a floor, and a suspension.

CIMC main beam made of Q345 high strength steel has the higher bearing capacity and service life of more than 10 years, CIMC container chassis uses automatic arc-submerging welding method to weld the main beam, there isn’t interface between the steel plate,it can ensure the integrated main beam, so the main beam is stronger and more durable.

The thickness of the beam part depends on whether the thickness is an international standard. The international standard for the frame of the skeleton car is 14/8/16 mm. The material of the steel plate in the middle of the beam is Q345B or manganese steel with a thickness of 8mm. Many unreliable suppliers will use 6mm Thickness beam slabs to save costs, but the carrying capacity was reduced by 26%. The international standard thickness of the middle part of the beam must be 8mm.

Locks, CIMC container trailer is equipped with 12 sets of locks, which can be used to transport a 40 foot container or two 20 foot containers, or a 20 foot container alone.

cimc skeleton container trailer in factory

2. Braking system

Braking system, effective braking, fast braking response, braking distance reduced by more than 5m The brake system of Wabco can also be selected.

3.Suspension of skeleton trailer

The suspension of the CIMC container chassis is made of special high-strength rigid steel, 70mm center balance pin, Other factories use light suspension, the pin is only 45mm, the service life is short, it will cause abnormal wear.

The suspension is reinforced at the front and rear, left and right. The separate road conditions for Africa are to meet the requirements of dirt road surface and poor road conditions.

cimc container chassis 丨cimc container trailers 丨CIMC Skeleton Trailer


4. Axles and tires of the container chassis trailer


The axles of the CIMC skeletal trailer are divided into three types: 13 ton axles, 13 ton axles + 16 ton brake system axles, 16 ton axles.


The container chassis uses a vacuum tire with better heat dissipation performance, the model is 12R22.5.

5. Design

Due to its application and use, container chassis trailers are made of high-strength materials. It is a rugged structure designed to provide you with the services you need without having to do a lot of manufacturing work through high-quality welding techniques that have been tried and tested to ensure that the skeletal trailer meets high quality standards.

CIMC shipping container trailer uses polyurethane paint, high adhesion, high chroma, beautiful color.


2.2 Different Models of CIMC Trailer

The diversity of products can meet the individual needs of customers. According to customer needs, we can produce container chassis trailer, tipper chassis trailer, interlink skeletal trailer, etc.

(1)Common Trailer

CIMC container chassis trailer the most commonly used and the most frequently ordered model by customers. The frame is usually made of steel. It can be used to transport containers of various lengths: 20ft, 40ft or 45ft.

CIMC skeletal trailer has clearly marked positions and twelve sets of container locks are installed to facilitate the fixing of containers of different sizes and ensure their safety at their destination.

It has a landing gear that is used to enhance stability during loading and offloading operations. It is simple to use and most importantly, affordable. However, the need for external accessories could possibly delay the operations.

cimc container chassis trailer for sale

(2)Terminal trailer

The terminal chassis trailer for sale is an economically feasible and practical trailer to use. This is an invention that offers a truck chassis for loading and offloading high weight containers without much effort.

It has a simple structure. It comprises a simple truck chassis but of rugged construction.

This terminal trailer is adjustable to meet your desired maneuverability conditions for loading and offloading. Adjustments to axle spacing can also be made based on your needs.

cimc terminal chassis trailer for sale

(3)Tipper chassis trailer

CIMC tipping chassis trailers have a different structure than other container trailers. This model of trailers has an apparatus that simplifies the process of loading a container on the trailer bed.

The container chassis trailer comes with a hydraulic lifting cylinder that contracts longitudinally to facilitate loading and on the other hand, they extend in an outward manner to enhance the offloading process. The pivotal drive on the upper frame translates to a change in the distance between the roller and the securement point of the cable in relation to the lower frame. This results in the lift and movement of the loaded container without the need to search for external equipment such as a winch device to trigger the desired distance.

cimc tipper chassis trailer for sale


Chapter3 Can you put a 20ft container on a trailer?

Whilst a 20ft container may travel in the middle position of the truck's 40ft long trailer, most of these trucks have sliding trailers that can allow the 20ft container to sit flush wit the back of the trailer.

3.1 CIMC Flatbed Semi Trailer Package and Shipping

As a professional manufacturer, CIMC have provided many kinds of semi trailers for many countries, we have much more advantages in the flatbed trailers cost and quality control.All semi trailer will undergo rigorous testing before delivery to ensure the quality. We have professional technicians to operate. In addition, a layer of wax will be sprayed on the semi-trailer to prevent seawater erosion, and then a layer of rain cloth will be wrapped to prevent moisture, so that it is foolproof.

cimc flatbed semi trailer package and shipping


3.2 Here are a Few More Important Points

1. Working platform of container flatbed semi-trailer

The work platfrom is the main load-bearing part, which is composed of the main beam, side beam, cross beam, bottom floor, suspension and so on. The main beam should pay attention to whether the thickness is an international standard. The international standard for the main beam of a container flat semi trailer is 14/8/16 mm. The steel plate in the middle of the beam is made of Q345B manganese steel, the thickness is 8mm. Many unreliable suppliers will use 6mm main beam to save costs. But the carrying capacity was reduced by 26%. 

2. Axle of flatbed truck trailer

The axles of semi trailers for sale have three types: 13-ton axles, 13-ton axles, and 16-ton brake system axles, 16-ton axles.

The axle of the CIMC container flatbed semi trailers is a 13-ton axle and 16-ton brake system axle, which has better braking performance and shortens the braking distance by more than 5 meters.

Details of Flatbed Semi Trailer

3. Suspension of container flatbed trailers

CIMC flatbed trailers common mechanical suspension adopts special high strength steel. 6mm thickness. The center pin diameter is 70mm. Stronger than suspensions in many factories.

And we also have bogie suspension and airbag suspension for you to choose.

4. Tire of flat deck trailer

The 3 axle flatbed trailer uses a vacuum tire with better heat dissipation performance, the model is 12R22.5.

CIMC flatbed container uses custom made tires in a tire factory, wear-resistant tires. On Chinese highways, CIMC tires can reach more than 300,000 kilometers.

details of flat bed semi trailer for sale

5. Bottom floor of flatbed container trailer

Bottom Floor, many logistics trailer also can transport bulk cargo and other items. The bottom plate of the CIMC high bed trailer passes the international standard 3mm thick checkered plate. If it use 2mm thick pattern plate or a 2.5mm bottom plate. It will cost less $ 700. Tri axle equipment trailer weight limit is 60ton capacity.


Chapter4 What is the capacity of a tipper truck?

Based on tonnage carrying capacity, tipper trucks are categorized into Light (2 Ton – 16 Ton), Medium (16 Ton – 31 Ton) and Large (31 Ton – 45 Ton) tipper trucks. Of these categories, medium tipper truck segment is witnessing high demand among end-users, on account of its application in a variety of tasks.
cimc tipper trailer for sale in low price

4.1 What are the common types of dump trailers?

There are four types of tipper semi trailer: rear tipping semi trailers, side rock dump semi trailer, skeleton dump trailer, and flatbed type tipping trailer.

The tilt chassis trailer manufacturer’s hydraulic dump trailer can be customized from 15 tons to 80 tons, 80 tons to 120 tons,  120 tons-180 tons of different tonnage according to the different cargoes.

The volume of the tipper semi trailer can be customized according to the needs of the customers. The common volumes are 30 cubic meters, 32 cubic meters, 35 cubic meters, 45 cubic meters, 50 cubic meters, 60 cubic meters, 80 cubic meters and so on. Such as 15m and 20m3 tipper trailer for sale.

different types of cimc dump trailers for sale

4.2 What is the difference between a end dump semi trailer and a rear tipping full trailer?

CIMC dump drawbar trailer is the front end of the trailer connected to the rear end of the tractor. Part of the total weight of the trailer is borne by the tractor. It doesn’t have itself power, it is carried together with the truck head, and the container carrier semi-trailer is driven by the tractor.

A full trailer or a flatbed semi-trailer is also the same without its own power device. The tractor only provides a pulling force and does not bear weight. That is, a full trailer is added behind the ordinary tipper trailer, and the two are connected by a hook. The load of the heavy duty dump trailer is fully borne by itself, and it is only connected to the locomotive with a hook. The locomotive only provides power to help the trailer overcome the frictional resistance of the road.


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