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CIMC Shipping Policy


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shipping policy


1. Shipping method

We provide sea transportation and land transportation services, you are welcome to get a free quotation by filling in the form with your name, email, full address, products and requirements,

We will contact you shortly with complete information, including the most suitable shipping method.

When transporting flatbed trailers, many customers use container transportation, which has low transportation costs and short transportation time.

Other trailers usually use bulk carriers or ro-ro ships. CIMC truck trailers will be sprayed with wax and covered with tarps.

When the trailer arrives at your seaport or destination, you can pick up the goods with the bill of lading we provide.


2. Delivery time

Order processing time: After we receive all the payment, we need 3-5 working days to start waxing, packing and other preparations for the semi trailer, and we will send out within 5 working days after receiving the payment . Delivery to shipping company to start shipping service.

Shipping time: The shipping company may take 3 to 15 working days to deliver to the buyer's agreed location.


3. Shipping

Our company bears all sea freight and land freight, customers do not bear the freight.

Countries with free shipping are: Dominican Republic, Bangladesh, Angola, Pakistan, Mauritius, Zimbabwe, Thailand, Côte d'Ivoire, Uzbekistan, Uganda, Ghana, South Africa, Indonesia, Argentina, Oman, Malaysia, Madagascar, Nigeria, Ecuador, Kuwait, Guatemala , Kazakhstan, Costa Rica, Cameroon, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Senegal, United States, Kenya, Mozambique, Philippines, Zambia, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates


4. Shipment Tracking

The process is relatively simple and well organized. Once the semi trailer leaves our factory, your shipment will be assigned a delivery number. CIMC sales will send you the package pictures and logistics information of the vehicle at any time.


5. Damaged Goods

We deliver your product safely and at a reasonable price with our carrier of choice. Sometimes goods may be damaged. While this is rare, there is a simple procedure customers can follow to expedite the claim process.


6. Shipping Tips

During the COVID-19 pandemic, uncertainty in global ocean shipping has increased, and some sailing schedules may be extended.


7. Precautions:

Costs that the customer needs to bear: import tax charged by the country where the customer is located, various fees charged by the local port, and customs clearance fees.